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Summer Sale

Summer Sale

30% off Spring/Summer styles | up to 70% off discontinued styles/colors
While supplies last; all sales are final.




Vintage Twill

At a 7-oz weight, it's slightly lighter-weight than our Original Twill. Built for instant comfort.

Travel Twill

Travel Twills are soft, wrinkle and stain resistant, and even offer a little stretch. You don't have to choose between easy and stylish.

Tropical Poplin

The Tropical Poplin pant is a perfect choice for warmer weather. Keep your cool, and look great doing it. At 6.5-oz, it's a rare combination of durability and breathability.

Leather Belts

There's a story behind our leather belts. Floyd, a second generation Amish belt maker, has a workshop deep in the mountains of Pennsylvania, where he handcrafts our belts from the finest materials. We think his craftsmanship speaks for itself.